Is it a plane? No! Is it a bullet? No! Is it ugly? Hmmm… Well, you can’t say “ugly”, if one have Porsche badge on it :) So this VW bus is anything but ugly. Fast, custom, adorable, one of-a-kind, wasted money – but it still IS. Why it’s so interesting we have it on TheBestPorsche – see below.

It’s not the only Porsche engine transplant to VW-Audi cars. For some of them Porsche designed engines, schassis or Porsche parts were used (Audi RS2, for example). This is not a factory-made one of ten B32 project cars. That one has loosy 3,2 engine. It is not even fast enough. That’s why it was done the correct way by some crazy professor in Germany.

He took 964 3,8L engine and transplanted to an old bus, made small adjustments to driver’s cabin, but you can’t tell from first look that this box on wheels could make better 0-100 time than you.

Later 996 engine was put to the newer T5 bus, so we’ll of course have this on too on TBP. If you have comments or photos to share with other Porsche fans – let us know.

964-bus 964-bus-3-8l-35keur
964-bus-engine 964-interiour

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