porsche911-4g63-engineHave a loosy car? Buy a damaged sportscar, take it’s engine and put in your current box on the wheels! It is most common way to upgrade, without supercharging and old engine or buying a new, powerfull car. But when you put Mitsubishi’s engine in a Porsche 911… It’s a profanity. Unless you have no skills or money to rebuild original, damaged Porsche engine, or put in a new one.

But it seems Eric Plebani from world motorsports tuning, who’s Porsche 911 with 500 hp Mitsubishi 4g63 motor swap we are talking about, has it all – imagination, money, skills, engineering courage. But still – he did what he did :)

Spearco / Turbonetics turbocharged engine, 18″ turbo twist wheels, big brakes – it’s a good thing, but why it is still insane? Because of the idea of 911 – small sportscar. Ferdinand Porsche was deeply convinced, that engine should not only be at the rear, but air-cooled and flat, with opposed cylinders. Why? Because of lower wight center and less weight. Only with these two conditions you can normally control car’s behaviour both on track and daily driving in various conditions. That’s why other competitors with big powerfull engines on rear axle and rear wheel drive were impossible to drive and shortly discontinued, while Porsche is still dominating it’s own market.

porsche911-4g63 porsche911-4g63-engine
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