CGT-body-kit-boxsterEverybody likes and dreams about Carrera GT, unfortunatelly not everybody can afford it. And this super car is worth every penny spent – if you want it as a supercar. With mighty powerful V10, big-as-earth disc brakes, carbon fiber all round, titanium parts etc. But if you simply adore it’s beauty? There is a way! Buy cheap Porsche Boxster and put Carrera GT body on it. Let us introduce you this 986, that was featured in “Temps Magazine” and ”Kit Car Builder Magazine”. Although it looks like 500 000 $ supercar, this car cost less than 90 000$!

Built on 2000 Porsche Boxster 2.7 6 cyl, custom body, lengthened chassis, tight, airbags, DOT side and rear protection, factory seals, removable carbon fiber roof. leather/suede.
You can choose from 2 fiberglass bodykit models available  Tall – for up to 6′,5″ (shown in most photos) and short – up to 6′,2″. It can be put on any Porsche 986 (early Boxster) – f.e. 1997 with the simple 2,5 engine, that price starts from 10 000 euro.

Porsche Carrera GT Boxster body kit consists of front clip, hood, mirror shells, door skins, rear clip, rear lid, wing, winglid, 2 speedster hoops, center 3rd brake surround, roof-adapts to boxster convertible framework, screening, headlight clear covers, rear lenses…And it costs only $14.500! So with a cheapest running boxster you will spend ~25 000 euros (30 000 us dollars) for you CGT look! The only drawback is that you should strech your car little bit :)


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